Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ranch Life When It Rains

I smiled as I typed the title to this one - Ranch Life When it Rains. It's so nice to know what that is like now! I think we have figured out the key to get rain... we need guests at the house. This past weekend we had several friends over Saturday evening after RA finished up at a horse sale and I got home from a wedding and we received a nice evening rain. Then Monday night we had RA's cousins, Ben and Tom, over for steaks and got an inch and a half. The next morning, RA had a road to fix. 

This tank was dry two days ago... now it is holding more water than I've ever seen on the ranch.

And here is the finished product - my husband does such a good job! 

Speaking of the wedding that I had the honor of being in this weekend.... 

At the bridal luncheon last Friday, (the wedding was at 10 a.m. Saturday), 
these were our "seating cards." 

And this is Carly - she was a beautiful bride! She was my maid of honor and it was a joy to stand up beside her as her matron of honor this past weekend. I can't wait to share pictures from her wedding - it was a gorgeous morning wedding on the family land under a huge tree! 

Get Fit Update: To be honest, I haven't been jogging much lately. We've been busy and I've been helping RA with different things (like fixing the road) in the evenings after work so jogging moves to the back burner. I hope to go jog (or at least go on a walk) this evening.

Have a wonderful week!