Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clayton & Cristina

So I have this awesome friend... and she is engaged to a pretty good guy. Cristina and I met while we were both at Tech and have become lifelong friends. We spent many many evenings in Lubbock discussing Power Thoughts, an amazing book by Joyce Meyer about the battle that goes on in our mind and how we MUST take control and responsibility over our thoughts. I highly recommend it! RA and Clayton have become good buddies as well. We love having them out at the ranch!

So, back to Clayton & Cristina - they got engaged back in March and I had the honor and privilege of taking their engagement pictures this past weekend.

I typically have cattle, horses or plants in front of my camera lens so it was fun to add people this time!

It's a never-ending battle between Clayton and Cristina and I. He went to A&M... enough said. 

And since we had received a little rain (thanks again for your prayers!!), the cactus are blooming.

Ok, I think this one is my favorite - and I took it completely on accident. I was trying to get a different angle and snapped this picture in the process of getting on the ground. 

Photography is definitely something that I enjoy and I look forward to sharing more from ranch adventures that we've had so far and ones to come! 

Remember, shine God's light everywhere you go, to everyone you meet! 

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  1. Love you Kristen and thank you so much!