Monday, July 9, 2012

Colorado Time

I'm convinced that a little time in the mountains is good for the soul! We went to Colorado Springs for a ranch rodeo two weekends ago and then slipped over to the family cabin for a few days of vacation. 

My awesome husband! 

Here are a few more shots that are my favorite: 

Then on to the cabin -- the guys fished and my sister-in-law and I spent time reading, shopping and cooking.

Same picture with an old polaroid -----> 

So the guys got their picture taken to go on the fridge. 

 I learned a lot about myself during our time at the cabin (with no cell service or internet!). I've never taken the time to simply sit and enjoy God's creation. I'm constantly busy whether it be with an actual task or just thinking and planning. My mind is always engaged. By the second day I started to unwind and kick back.

I was able to read a few chapters of Strong Women, Soft Hearts that my afore mentioned sister-in-law gave me. And with an open mind, clear of everyday clutter, God did some major work in my heart! This book is deep and there are several chapters that I have re-read to soak more in and self reflect.

Here's one of the powerful things God showed me:
I've always been a perfectionist and since RA & I got married and I've expected him to be a perfectionist too (without realizing it). A little piece of advise - your spouse will never be perfect! Imagine that! When I realized that I had been expecting him to be who I thought he should be, lots of the little issues that we've had came to mind... most of which were probably due to him not meeting my "perfect expectations."

It's only been a week since I took the time to sit and open my mind and heart to God and what He has probably been trying to tell me since I met my wonderful husband - and we are already a stronger couple. I know we will both continue to learn more about ourselves and each other as we grow as a couple and with God but it's been a pretty neat experience over the past seven days.

Workout Update: I was awful in the month of June about working out but am ready to get back on track. I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred yesterday and am feeling it! I've had the workout DVD for a while now and have done the workouts on and off but I'm sticking to it for the next 30 days. Anyone want to join me? I'll encourage you if you encourage me. 

May God bless you immensely this week! 

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