Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's been a while...

So... Kristen's Corner is back! I haven't written a blog post in a very very long time and this time around it's a little different. Every post in the past has been a weekly column that was published in my hometown newspaper. Now I hope to just share about life. As a newlywed, a young professional and living on a ranch 30 miles from the closest town (1 hour to the closest grocery store and gas station) I hope you will find something you can relate to! I've started jogging a few times a week and with my new iPhone (I switched to AT&T yesterday and hope to have better service here in the middle of nowhere) I am testing out running apps and have a much better camera than my old phone. I hope to share tips as I learn and incorporate jogging into my lifestyle. I will introduce you to my running buddy next week! Here's a shot of where I run most evenings:
Ranch Update: RA, my amazing husband, manages a family ranch 30 miles from Channing, Texas which has a population of about 300. There's a school and a post office and that's about it. The closest gas station, grocery store and the church that we attend is about an hour away in Dalhart. It's been a challenging year to live on a ranch. With the lack of moisture last year, my father-in-law made the decision to send the majority of the cows we had at the ranch to grass in Arkansas. We still had the first-calf heifers here to keep a close eye on but it was a huge reduction in the typical stocking rate. This picture was taken back in January - the scenery hasn't changed much:
Now that we still haven't had more than half and inch of rain since January, the rest of the cows will be leaving in the next few weeks. Mother Nature hasn't been in our favor this year but we thank God every night for the rain that He is sending and we wake up each morning knowing that we are one day closer to moisture. We will press on.

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