Thursday, January 27, 2011

Choosing Our Thoughts

Life can be stressful. It is easy to get caught up in worrying about everything from major projects and day to day activities all the way down to small things.

This semester is by far the busiest one in college (however, it should be my last!) I am taking 18 class credit hours, which is broken down into seven classes. I am the industry information intern for Certified Angus Beef. I am a teaching assistant for an agricultural communications technical writing class, editor for the agricultural communications magazine and I continue to do a little freelance writing on the side.

During Christmas break, I made myself sick one afternoon thinking about having such a busy semester ahead of me. As I sat there, I thought to myself, ‘there is no way I’m going to survive with this mindset. Something has to change’.

In the book Power Thoughts, Joyce Meyer describes worrying like rocking back and forth in a rocking chair – “it’s always in motion and it keeps us busy, but it never gets us anywhere.”

Stress and worry are a waste of time and energy. The following are a few ways that I have learned through devotionals that help me to stay stress free this semester:

- I refuse thoughts that are not from God (and stress is definitely not from above!). We have control over what we spend our time thinking about and we do not have to let thoughts make their home in our mind.

- Reasoning is another word for worrying. I tend to try to help God out by going through different scenarios in my mind of how things could work. I’ve learned that this is a form of sin because I am not putting my confidence in God. Having faith and truly knowing that God is in control is an amazing feeling.

- In Power Thoughts (which I highly recommend!), the Power Thought #6 is, “I trust God completely; there is no need to worry!” When I feel a hint of stress creeping in, I say this in my mind over and over until it is gone.

- Joyce Meyer makes the statement, “The instant you begin to worry or feel anxious, give your concern to God in prayer. Release the weight of it and totally trust Him to either show you what to do or to take care of it Himself.”

- And one last thought – “There will always be situations that cause you concern, but with God’s help, you can live above all of them and enjoy life.”

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