Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Joy of Brothers

I have been very blessed to grow up with three brothers! However, it has been quite interesting.

With three brothers, playing in the dirt was a blast. They had the coolest trucks and dirt equipment, but I always had the coolest dirt house.

With three brothers, my Barbie’s had G.I. Joe to marry. They also had camouflage clothes to go hunting in which they took the camo duct taped jeep. But when they had to go on a trip and needed to take a lot of clothes, I used G.I. Joe’s jeep.

With three brothers, I learned to be tough. They are all fairly ornery.

I hate to admit it, but with three brothers I also learned how to squeal just right to get them in trouble when I actually started it.

With three brothers, I have learned to give very detailed instructions of what I need. I’ve learned not to assume anything.

With three brothers, I have become a bow hunter… but I won’t say who won the last shooting contest.

With three brothers, it is always interesting when a guy comes to visit. They seem to think that is the ideal time to sit and clean their gun.

With three brothers, I have learned to have the utmost respect for guys.

I’m amazed at how much they have all grown up. My oldest brother, Nick, is about to graduate from the aviation maintenance program at Amarillo College. Zachary, who is about to be 18 will graduate from high school this year. Jack, my baby brother, just turned 16 and has his driver’s license. Wow, time sure does fly by fast!

They are all taller than me now. Zachary and Jack both a whole head taller! With them being so much bigger (and stronger now) it makes it interesting when I come home from college and we wrestle. Instead of me holding them down and picking on them, they sit there taking it for a second and then they just scoot me over.

If you are on Facebook, look me up and check out my photo album dedicated to my fantastic brothers!

I know that siblings can be very frustrating, but I pray that if there is a wall that has been built with a loved one, that it be knocked down and that relationship be restored. There isn’t anything in this world that is worth losing that relationship over.

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