Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Days

The year is full of crazy, wacky and interesting holidays. According to the website the month of May is National Barbecue Month, National Photograph Month, Foster Care Month and National Bike Month along with several others including Mothers Day.

Special holidays that have already passed this month include Brothers and Sisters Day on May 2, National Teachers Day on May 4, No Diet Day on May 6, Lost Sock Memorial Day on May 9 (one that I celebrate every time I did laundry in the dorm) and Eat What You Want Day on May 11.

Let’s take a look at a few day specific holidays in the upcoming weeks of May. All details about the day are according to

May 15- National Chocolate Chip Day

This day celebrates and enjoys sweet, tasty chocolate chips. They are a great invention and certainly deserve a little recognition. After all, where would chocolate chip cookies, cakes and muffins be without the chocolate chips!?

May 17- Pack Rat Day

‘Cmon, admit it… you’re a pack rat like the rest of us. You might as well come out of hiding behind those poles of valuable “stuff”, and celebrate this fun day.

It’s really easy to let things pile up. After all, each item you acquire along the road of life may have value or serve some meaningful purpose. Making the decisions to discard something of even remotely questionable value, is difficult, if not impossible to do.

May 21- National Waiters and Waitresses Day

This day recognizes the value and importance of a good waiter or waitress. When you go out to eat, they represent the restaurant, and are all the difference between a good or bad experience.

You already recognize your waiters and waitresses every time you go to a restaurant, which is the form of a tip. Today, give them a little something extra.

Waiters and waitresses should recognize this day by making sure to provide exemplary service (as always).

May 23- Lucky Penny Day

Perhaps a lucky penny will be lucky for you today. Taken at face value, a penny doesn’t buy you much, if anything. It used to, though. During your parents and grandparents day, a penny bought a lot of things. Inflation year after year after year, eroded the penny’s value. There has even been some discussion as to weather to discontinue the penny.

Thought for today: “A penny for your thoughts.”

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