Friday, February 25, 2011

Making Every Moment Count

I remember playing in kindergarten, excited about first grade where I would learn to read. Once I could read a book, everything would be good.

I remember sitting at my desk in fifth grade, excited about being in Jr. high. Once I was in middle, everything would be good.

I remember being the ‘top dog’ as an eighth grader, excited about high school. Once I was a freshman, everything would be good.

I remember being a senior, excited about the adventure of college. Once I moved, everything would be good.

As I sit here now, a senior in college with graduation approaching quickly, I am excited about what my future holds – my future career, my future spouse, my future home, my future friends – it is all very exciting!

But as I reflect on thinking the same thing about going off to college, or being in Jr. high, or being able to read, I wonder what all I’ve missed in wish my time away.

It seems that we are always looking ahead at the next phase of life with the hope that things will be better or easier or less stressful or more fun. We say things like, “When I graduate,” or “When I move,” or “When I get married,” but what does that cause us to miss right now?

Our time, right now, is a gift from God. As I’ve already eluded, I am guilty of setting my eyes on the future without any thought to stop and enjoy the present moment.

Right now, as I type this (Sunday evening), I am already looking forward to the weekend when I will get to sleep in, see my boyfriend and hang out with my friends. I am wishing part of my week, five days of my life, away. But then I stop and think about all the things I will learn this week and all the people I am able to see and visit with. I think of all the good food I will get to enjoy and all the articles I will get to write. I would miss precious time with God and the blessings that He has for each day.

Madame Guyon, the seventeenth century French mystic, said that the highest call for every child of God is to enjoy God. That’s pretty powerful!

Jesus paid a very high price for us to have life and to have abundantly (John 10:10). We need to enjoy life in the present, not only for us, but for Him.

Get started today making every moment count!

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