Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beef on a Budget

I have two very sweet friends at Oklahoma State University that share my passion for God and the cattle industry. These are two people I hold very close to my heart!

Amy Brown was raised on ranches in Colorado and Texas.

“I choose to major in agricultural communications to show agriculture to the people who live in apartment buildings and ride the subway to work, to those who buy their groceries with no knowledge of how that food came to be on the shelves.

“The public needs to understand how public policy can affect the production of food that is feeding the world. I want to tell a story, the real story of rural America.”

Anna-Lisa Giannini grew up in the North-eastern half of California on a ranch that her family purchased when coming to America from Switzerland in 1903.

“As I have grown older I have grown to appreciate my ranch raising more and more. Ranch kids are just raised a little different. I heard it said once that a ranch woman will find way and make a way, over, under, around and through! I believe this to be true in all aspects of our lives. We find a way to use every cut of meat in the freezer, we find a way to cook a meal that our families will enjoy and we make a way for our dreams to come true.”

These two inspiring ladies created a blog to share their experience of cooking on a budget with beef while attending college and living in town.

According to their blog, “We want to share with you how easy it is to eat high class, while also eating healthy and enjoying every bite all the while making every dollar count!”

I encourage you to check out their website for amazing beef recipes… on a budget! They do a great job of explaining the recipe with how they came across it or the inspiration behind it as well as the directions, pictures and a cost break down.

Featured recipes for October included Beef Burox, Pumpkin Chili and Stew A Fuego.

While browsing through receipes, scroll down to the bottom and sign up for their emails when they post updates.

Psalms 34:8 ~ Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

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